Proven benefits

NanoPower oil achieved at least a tenfold longer White Etching Crack (WEC) lifetime.

NanoPower Oil delivers proven benefits

Improved Fuel Efficiency up to 6%

Proven benefits NanoPower Engine Oil, extensively tested by renowned institutions and universities, delivers substantial and proven benefits, showcasing its remarkable impact on the automotive industry and beyond:

VTT Technical Research Center of Finland:

This reputable institution conducted a comprehensive series of tests on NanoPower Engine Oil between 2010 and 2017. These tests consisted of 16 field trials, 4 bench assessments, and 15 laboratory tribotests. The results were nothing short of impressive, revealing the following key advantages:

Reduced Fuel Consumption:

NanoPower Engine Oil demonstrated a remarkable reduction in fuel consumption, with savings ranging from 4% to 6%. This remarkable improvement not only translates to economic benefits but also contributes to a greener environment by reducing carbon emissions.

Friction Reduction:

NanoPower Engine Oil excelled in minimizing friction, with reductions of up to 30% in various tests. Lower friction equates to smoother engine operation, increased efficiency, and reduced wear and tear.

Extended Component Lifespan:
One of the most significant findings from VTT’s extensive testing was the remarkable extension of component lifespan. Critical engine parts and components experienced lifespans that were 2 to 10 times longer when lubricated with NanoPower Engine Oil. This remarkable enhancement leads to reduced maintenance costs and increased overall reliability.

No Adverse Effects on Engine Reliability:
Perhaps the most reassuring discovery from VTT’s testing was the absence of any adverse effects on engine reliability. NanoPower Engine Oil not only delivered superior performance but also maintained the integrity and dependability of the engines it was used in.

Fraunhofer Mikrotribologie Centrum:

This respected research center focused on NanoPower Engine Oil’s impact on friction and the prevention of white etching crack formation. The results from their testing were as follows

Reduced Friction: NanoPower Engine Oil was found to be highly effective in reducing friction, a crucial factor in engine efficiency and durability.

Prevented White Etching Cracks:

Importantly, the oil demonstrated an ability to prevent white etching crack formation, a phenomenon that can significantly compromise engine integrity and performance.


SCHAEFFLER GROUP’s evaluation of NanoPower Engine Oil uncovered the following

noteworthy results:

Exceptional White Etching Crack (WEC) Lifetime: NanoPower Engine Oil achieved a remarkable improvement in the lifetime of White Etching Cracks, showing at least a tenfold extension compared to conventional lubricants. This is a game-changer for engine durability and performance.

No Lubricant Degradation: Importantly, no signs of lubricant degradation were observed, reaffirming the long-term stability and effectiveness of NanoPower Engine Oil.

In conclusion, the extensive testing and evaluations conducted by these reputable institutions unequivocally confirm the exceptional performance of NanoPower Engine Oil. This groundbreaking lubricant not only enhances fuel efficiency and extends engine life but also reduces maintenance costs, making it a truly innovative and effective solution for the automotive industry and various other applications. With a track record of proven benefits, NanoPower Engine Oil is poised to revolutionize the way we think about engine lubrication and performance enhancement.

NanoPower Engine Oil, extensively tested by renowned institutions and universities, delivers substantial and proven benefits:

VTT Technical Research Center of Finland:

-16 field tests, 4 bench tests, and 15 laboratory tribotests from 2010 to 2017.
-Reduced fuel consumption by 4-6% and friction by up to 30%.
-Extended component lifespan by 2-10 times.
-No adverse effects on engine reliability.
-Fraunhofer Mikrotribologie Centrum:

Reduced friction and prevented white etching crack formation.

NanoPower oil achieved at least a tenfold longer White Etching Crack (WEC) lifetime.
No lubricant degradation observed.
These tests confirm NanoPower Engine Oil’s exceptional performance, enhancing fuel efficiency, extending engine life, and reducing maintenance costs, making it an innovative and effective solution.
NanoPower Oil delivers proven benefits:

Up to

-52% less friction

-30% lower emissions

-20-35% less downtime

-6% fuel savings

-10% less wear

-10-20% extended maintenance cycles.

Nano Power

In comparison to traditional engine oils, NanoPower offers compelling advantages. , the long-term benefits of improved fuel efficiency, longer engine life, lower maintenance costs, reduced emissions, Energy Saving , Extended service lifetimes , less waste , Odorless engine oil and high quality can make it an economical choice in the long run and the economic and eco-friendly benefits of NanoPower oil make it an attractive choice for many industries, including automotive, marine, and manufacturing.

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